HS&E, Regulatory and Stakeholder Management

The team is committed to achieving the Company’s vision of ensuring a healthy workforce and sustaining safe operations with minimum environmental impact. This standard demands adherence to the principles which underpin the Company's HS&E policies and procedures. A critical part of the HS&E team’s remit is submission of the Decommissioning Programmes associated with the Greater Dunlin Area Decommissioning Project as well as the key area of stakeholder engagement. As an important part of the Decommissioning Programme approval process, key stakeholders have been engaged as scoping and screening analysis gets underway on the significant infrastructure removal decisions. The team will soon engage with stakeholders and regulators on a comparative assessment process for the subsea infrastructure removal. In addition, the appraisal of a variety of topsides removal techniques from single lift through to reverse engineering and piece small is being undertaken. Studies commissioned in furtherance of making the final determination will be revisited ahead of a comprehensive tender process.

The wider team encompasses verification and Technical Authority stewardship.

Peter Lee, HS&E Manager comments: "The HS&E function within Fairfield takes its responsibilities in relation to the protection of people and the environment very seriously and is committed to supporting the organisation in ensuring that these aims are achieved. This is particularly important as we undertake the work associated with decommissioning that will inevitably introduce new risks to be evaluated and mitigated. The focus on stakeholder engagement will ensure a collaborative environment where we share information to come to decisions that are measured and robust.”