The Supply Chain & Logistics Management team is responsible for ensuring that goods and services are procured as efficiently and effectively as possible to maximise the value delivered to the organisation. The team, in conjunction with technical teams, is responsible for tendering and negotiating a wide variety of contractual agreements and ensuring that goods and services are secured. The team also provides logistical support to the Dunlin Alpha, most notably retendering the contract for aviation services to ensure the best service for offshore personnel.

Fairfield has been recognised as an industry leader by Oil and Gas UK for its use of industry standard documentation and for developing an effective streamlined contracts and procurement system. This culminated in the award of the Supply Chain Code of Practice Tiered Compliance Gold Award in late 2009.

Brian Brown, Supply Chain & Logistics Manager comments, “We are committed to following the recommended supply chain guidelines as established by Oil and Gas UK, utilising the Industry standard tender formats and standard Logic Terms and Conditions, providing feedback to companies, and meeting agreed payment terms. Although challenging, this commitment has resulted in positive recognition for Fairfield and as a result we have developed strong commercial relationships. Going forward, there are vast technical challenges associated with decommissioning from leg cutting and separation to topsides removals and we will be looking to the supply chain to help to drive and support innovation. It’s in our interests to collaborate with those parties who can potentially come up with game-changing, efficiency-saving solutions.”