The Operations Department within Fairfield is responsible for the Company’s ongoing operations and maintenance activities, minor modifications, integrity management including inspection, and make safe and preparations for the Greater Dunlin Area subsea infrastructure and topside structures removal.

The Operations Team has two main focus areas: firstly to maintain the utility and life support systems required for the well plug and abandonment programme; and secondly to make safe systems that are no longer required and prepare them for removal. The team is also responsible for delivering the minor modifications required as platform systems and equipment change status throughout the decommissioning project and ensuring risk mitigations are implemented in a timely manner.

The Operations team plays a leading role in short/medium term planning and coordination to manage on-board personnel levels to progress decommissioning and all other offshore activities efficiently and expediently. The team is composed of experienced operations and project personnel, both technical and support staff, who manage multiple internal and external interfaces on a daily basis.

Alan Scott, GM, Greater Dunlin Area Decommissioning Project comments: “One of the biggest challenges for the team is the constant change in activities and system status associated with decommissioning an asset the size of Dunlin. It takes a flexible and experienced team with drive and focus to ensure we deliver a complex decommissioning plan both safely and efficiently across all decommissioning work streams. There is no doubt that this is a critical business function where employees can readily see the fruits of their labour”.