The team is responsible for critical path activities in support of the submission of the Decommissioning Programmes associated with the Greater Dunlin Area Decommissioning Project, incorporating the key area of stakeholder engagement. As an important part of the Decommissioning Programme approval process, key stakeholders have been engaged as scoping and screening analysis gets underway on the significant infrastructure removal decisions. The team engaged with stakeholders and regulators on a comparative assessment process for the Subsea Infrastructure Decommissioning in 2017 and is undergoing a similar activity for Dunlin Alpha Decommissioning in 2018. This has involved the appraisal of a variety of topsides removal techniques from single lift through to reverse engineering and piece small and the commissioning of studies in furtherance of making the final determination.

Peter Lee, Regulatory Affairs & Stakeholder Engagement Manager comments: “We have maintained a focus on good quality stakeholder engagement to ensure a collaborative environment where we share information to come to decisions that are measured and robust for the decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area and its facilities.”