Our Strategy

Fairfield’s strategy and ambition is to be the leading North Sea decommissioning operator, utilising the knowledge and expertise of our capable team of professionals to lead us through the successful decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area and beyond. We are effectively applying our proven experience as an independent late-life, mature field operator to the decommissioning of the Greater Dunlin Area, utilising operator-led knowledge to take a safety-focused, technically sound and cost-effective approach to the decommissioning project. As the industry matures through the challenges of managing late-life operations towards decommissioning, our forward strategy is to leverage decommissioning operator status and credibility and to apply it to the emerging opportunities within the UKCS.

Our Team

Fairfield’s key strength is its people. We are proud to have a team with the right capabilities to tackle significant decommissioning projects, with the understanding of late-life assets to ensure that activities proceed safely, efficiently and effectively. Our people are excited about applying and developing capability and expertise in a new and emerging area of the industry with fresh and complex challenges. The workforce and its belief in a common purpose has been instrumental in creating the right backdrop for the challenges associated with decommissioning. Both offshore and onshore we share a common vision and an understanding of the key priorities that is crucial in terms of achieving success.

Our Environment

Fairfield provides an exciting and dynamic working environment in which employees’ careers can be built and further developed: we have ambitious goals and provide the ideal platform for driven and committed professionals to make a difference. A career with Fairfield means having the freedom to innovate in an environment where bureaucracy is at a minimum and decisions are taken quickly. As part of a restructured and funded company, Fairfield employees have the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the emerging area of North Sea decommissioning and to reap the benefits of the achievement of our objectives and targets.

The Company’s operational office is based in Westhill, Aberdeen.