People are key to Fairfield’s status as a high-performing, delivery-focused business and accordingly the interests of staff are high on the agenda. The drive and commitment of Fairfield’s talented pool of employees is not only crucial to current performance, but also to its capacity to evolve and grow in line with the future needs of the business. If you think you have the drive and ambition to join the team at Fairfield and to support the realisation of our vision for the future, either in Aberdeen or offshore, browse our current vacancies for more information.

Join the Fairfield team – an organisation that:

  • Provides a dynamic work environment with the promotion of a common goal: to turn opportunities to our advantage and achieve ‘best in class’ status
  • Promotes a culture of creativity and innovation where individual talent and value creation is recognised and rewarded
  • Provides challenging and stimulating work opportunities that encourage the generation of creative solutions and achievement of exceptional performance
  • Encourages flexibility, adaptability and agility to facilitate fast and effective decision-making in an environment where bureaucracy is at a minimum
  • Supports personal growth and continuous improvement and provides opportunities for individuals to add value to the business
  • Promotes teamwork and empowerment to achieve strong business results and ensure employee motivation and retention
  • Values diversity, and treats employees with fairness, dignity and respect